GAO Tells Employees What They Can Say & How They Can Say It


The Government Accountability Office, or GAO, under Chief Gene Dodaro, is the main government watchdog scrutinizing administration spending. At least, that was their mission until they became Woke and started telling employees what they’re allowed to say and how to say it.

Daily Mail Online has leaked memos from the agency’s ‘chief diversity management officer.’ He banned so-called non-inclusive words. In a four-page manifesto, he mandated officials stop using words like “man-made” or “manpower” in official communications. Officials can use words like “artificial” or “workforce” if they want.

It doesn’t matter if the words don’t describe the situation as well.

The employees also had to suffer a lecture on gender identity from this kook.

“When it is necessary to refer to sex or gender identity, be aware of the distinction and avoid equating the two,” the bizarre memo read.

The Woke official defined both for them according to the new leftist creed. He then made it as restrictive as possible.

“When it is necessary to use binary terminology, avoid implying that all people identify with the sex or gender binaries or that all people share the biological characteristics of their assigned sex,” the memo reads. “Choose the best set of terms for your facts and circumstances.”

Remember when the government knew we had a First Amendment that included free speech?

In case you are wondering if the leftists are using language to change the way you think, wonder no more.

The four-page rant says at one point:

There is nothing wrong with saying “illegal alien.” They are aliens coming here illegally. It’s dehumanizing to Americans that Americans have to fund them so they can change our culture and our politics in ways we don’t want as they live off the government teat.

GAO Chief Gene Dodaro

Daily Mail quoted some of the Republicans who came upon the memo last month:

Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma, who first unearthed the memo, told the agency “to stay out of cultural battles” in a hearing with GAO boss Gene Dodaro.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., told that the leaked document is an indication that the Biden administration “is working overtime to radically transform America and destroy what was common sense just a few years ago.”

She quipped that “any Tennessee momma” can tell you the difference between a man and a woman, while the Biden administration and its employees may not be able to.

A spokesperson for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, chimed in: “The GAO is tasked with investigating federal spending and performance, but under President Biden they’re wasting valuable government time and resources on regulating language.”

The spokesperson told that the GAO’s memo ‘is just the latest in Biden’s relentless push to politicize government agencies’ that are supposed to be neutral.

“Unfortunately this is typical of the radicals in control of the Biden administration.”

These diversity, equity, and inclusion officers need to be excised from all of our institutions. It’s Marxist insanity destroying our nation.

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