Garamendi says it’s “No way, not sensible” to extract stranded Americans


Rep. John Garamendi — a member of the caring party, the humanitarian party, the party of love — doesn’t think we should send troops to attempt to save any of the 15,000 or more Americans hiding in Afghanistan. “No way. Not sensible” to provide Americans in Afghanistan with safe passage.

After botching the withdrawal and leaving 15,000 Americans and others who were our allies behind, he callously says it’s “not sensible” to save them?


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Beyond Thunderdome
Beyond Thunderdome
9 months ago

It is all whiteys and some interpreters who will have a miserable ending?
The local enemedia reported on a couple who are two stimulus checks and $10,000 behind from the IRS but they are white so that explained it.
Flip the Goodfellas at the table meme-stern and serious looks, we really are on our own.
Mad Max world won’t be so bad…no orange tweets.

Tim Shep
Tim Shep
9 months ago

Just another Biden toady who knows their party is in turmoil over this debacle created by inept incompetent useless politicians.

jim delaney
jim delaney
9 months ago

SO, how is it that British paratroopers are being dropped into Kabul to rescue 5,000 British subjects–and with no resistance from the Taliban? Why not US paratroopers doing the same for American citizens stranded their by the Biden’s idiotic and precipitous withdrawal? Because the USG agreed with the Taliban not to try to rescue Americans outside the airport. WHY!!??!!?? Put kids in charge and this is what happens. Our allies in Afghanistan are approrpriately pissed with the Biden Gang’s stupidity and duplicity. As are we all who still possess a mind.