Garland okays discrimination based on skin color if it favors the once underserved


Judge Garland, Biden’s nominee for attorney general, agreed with Senator Tom Cotton during his hearing today that racial discrimination is legally and morally wrong.

However, when pressed further, he said he doesn’t see it as a problem if the favored race was once underserved. When asked if he differentiated between equity and equality, he said equity and equality and words as defined in the executive order.

There is a huge difference between the two. Under the Biden executive order, everything in the government will be race-based, favoring all people of color over the majority – whites. But, somehow this isn’t discrimination???

This is leftist ideology meant to garner votes.




  1. Still butthurt over no SCOTUS appointment at the end of the Chicago Jesus (the One!) reign of error?
    All of those much vaunted institutions are laughingstocks now.
    Delegitimizing has consequences.

    Breaking O/T-enemedia (CCP) agitprop report feels the pain of the working man regarding the $17,000 electric bill and the toll from the Beer Flu (made in Europe).
    We need a tear stained mask (made in China) as a symbol of the people’s struggle against the dastardly made in Europe flu!

  2. When asked if illegal border crossings should be a crime, Biden’s AG nominee Merrick Garland said: “I haven’t thought about it,”……………………ARE YOU F****ING KIDDING ME, IS THIS GUY A JOKE !!!!!

  3. There’s a reason that Pelosi has 20,000 troops guarding the Capitol building. The Politicians really are going to need protection from the People in America. This is normally what happens when Politicians steal Elections.

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