Gas is up 18%, oil nearly 50% under Bidenbama, US soon be dependent for both again


Under the Biden [Obama] administration, gas prices might reach $4 soon (during a pandemic) due to new climate regulations.

The rise in prices is due to the President’s shutdown of energy mining on federal lands, and overseas production cuts.

We were finally energy independent. That was something I heard we wanted for years. Bidenbama is reversing it. We can’t remain free of the Middle East oil under these conditions.

Additionally, Canada will have to give their oil to China, enriching them since Bidenbama canceled KeystoneXL. Movie stars are now demanding the cancellation of the Dakota pipeline and Jen Psaki said they might shut them all down.

Can’t wait for the rolling blackouts.

Industry experts believe that as the coronavirus vaccine becomes widely available, offices will start to fill up, as will gas stations, the Washington Examiner reported.

The supply may not be there because of production cutbacks, Biden’s new rules, and moves overseas to slow production to match low usage.

The result could be an “oil price trap” for the new president, according to Steven Kopits, the managing director of Princeton Energy Advisors.

He told Secrets, “Biden has substantial political risk heading in the 2022 midterms. He would do well to articulate a more balanced energy package because we may well see gasoline prices above $4 a gallon, and Republicans will not hesitate to finger the moratorium on leasing as the cause.”

Since Election Day, gas and crude oil prices have jumped. In the United States, gas prices are up 18% and oil nearly 50%.

Said another industry expert, “In four years, we had made the U.S. energy independent and denied the bad guys the ability to control global oil prices. The Democrats undo it in two weeks. Just incredible.”

This is a tragedy, and, as John Kerry admitted, it won’t do anything for the climate.

This is what 81 million people voted for apparently.

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