Gaslighting & Trickery! Dems/MSM Buzzwords of the Month (Videos)


Buzzwords are the language of marketing and propaganda. They are used effectively by politicians. Buzzwords and phrases have become a primary means by which the left manipulates the masses. It is an indomitable force since the Democrat Party, Communists, Socialists, and the media have become one.

Pelosi looks like she belongs in the Wax Museum

Democrats always accuse others of what they are guilty of and they love to gaslight Republicans/Conservatives. They want you to question your own sanity. Buzzwords help them do exactly that.

They don’t have policies they could get passed if they were truthful so they do the next best thing — destroy the opponents.

Democrats and the media appear to plan the buzzwords they will use to demonize their opponents in any given day or week — as needed.

A good example of the Democrats combining gaslighting and buzzword-ing for their blind and deaf followers is the crisis on the border.

There has been a major crisis on the border for years. Today it’s at its worst. We do not have control of the border — the cartels do. The Democrats want open borders so they came up with the buzzwords, “manufactured crisis.”


As we said, Democrats project their actions off on others. A perfect example of that is the fake constitutional crisis they claim their opponents are engaging in while they actually torch the Constitution.

Constitutional Crisis

Two weeks ago, Chuck Todd led off MSNBC’s MTP Daily by proclaiming: “The constitutional crisis alarm bells are ringing,” and asked with apparent concern, “Is anybody listening?”

He was actually reacting to the President demanding a probe into FBI spying on his 2016 campaign.

CNN analyst Max Boot followed up, ranting that Trump’s behavior was “a shocking breach of democratic norms,” and an “assault on the Constitution.”

What follows is a compilation of clips from the past month’s cable news coverage from The Media Research Center demonstrating the liberal media’s attempts to frighten viewers with conjecture about the “constitutional crisis” that supposedly lurks just around every corner.

Watch below:

After Nancy Pelosi met to discuss impeachment with her comrades, she followed up by going to the mics with the proclamation that the President broke the law with a cover-up in a cover-up. She later pretended she is praying for him and hopes his family provides him with an intervention.

Immediately after her attack on the President, accusing him of criminal behavior, she and Chuck Schumer attended a pre-scheduled meeting with the President. President Trump calmly explained why there was no point in having the meeting, according to his witnesses. Pelosi then went to the mics again to say he was in a rage. She was trying to gaslight him.

The Buzzword then became “cover-up.”

No one knows exactly what it is the President’s covering up since every aspect of his life is out in public thanks to all the spying by the Obama people.


After that same meeting, the leftist propagandists wanted to be certain that Pelosi’s message that Trump is unbalanced looked credible. So, they came up with new Buzzwords — “under his skin.” They do it to get under his skin, but it’s doubtful he gives a damn.



For your listening pleasure:

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