Gay Nightclub Holds an Anti-Israel Intifada Fundraver


A gay nightclub in New York City called the End NYC hosted an anti-Israel Intifada Fundraver. You just can’t make this stuff up. These people are insane, and it’s never been more obvious.

The people they support will just as soon throw every gay person off a building, and they do.

The fundraiser is for Palestine. However, it should be noted that no country wants these refugees, except for Joe Biden’s America, because they’re heavily radicalized.

The radicalized Palestinians are Nazis. You can see that throughout the rallies, riots, protests, whatever you want to call them, in our major cities here in the United States. And there are a lot of them.

The club proudly proclaims that it’s LGBTQ+ friendly and identifies as women-owned and LGBTQ-owned. They must have their heads up their unmentionables. Do they want to get thrown off a building?

Here we have some insane Jews:

I agree with Goldblatte here but he’s part of the problem. He hasn’t represented Jews so much as the very far left lunatics now protesting.

This is the big communist lie. The same lie they hurl at Israel is the one they throw at us. The left is letting foreigners come in to make citizens disappear.

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