Gazprom Cuts Off All Natural Gas to Italy


Austria is reportedly refusing to confirm data to Russia as to where it will send natural gas intended for Italy. Russia said they want Italy to receive it, but Austria won’t provide the data. Therefore, Russia is halting gas supplies.

Gazprom, Russian oil giant, cuts off gas supplies to Italy

Prime Minister Meloni has summoned Russia’s ambassador on the news. This comes days after Putin made clear his displeasure at the new PM showing support for Ukraine.

Russian energy giant Gazprom PJSC suspended natural gas deliveries to Eni SpA, Italy’s largest oil company, on Saturday, reported Bloomberg.

“Gazprom informed that it is not able to confirm the gas volumes requested for today, stating that it’s not possible to supply gas through Austria. Therefore, today’s Russian gas supplies to Eni through the Tarvisio entry point will be at zero. Eni will provide updates in case supplies will be restored,” Eni wrote in a statement on its website.

An Eni spokesperson told Bloomberg that Austria is still receiving NatGas from Gazprom.

The cutoff appeared to target just Italy, which gets Gazprom’s supplies from a pipeline that passes through Austria. Higher volumes of Russian gas were allocated to Vienna-based OMV AG than recently, said Andreas Rinofner, a spokesman for OMV, which imports Russian gas to Austria.

Although Italy has been weaning itself off Russian gas, Saturday’s development highlights how vulnerable European countries are to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Italy’s Eni is to receive no Russian gas on Oct. 1 after state-controlled Gazprom said it would not be possible to flow volumes via Austria due to regulatory changes in the country, reports SP Global.

In a statement, Gazprom said the transportation of Russian gas in Austria had been suspended due to the refusal of the Austrian pipeline operator to confirm nominated volumes.

“The reason is related to the regulatory changes that took place in Austria at the end of September,” Gazprom said. “Gazprom is working on solving the problem together with Italian buyers.”

Eni said it had been informed by Gazprom that the Russian company could not confirm the gas volumes requested for Oct. 1 was ” impossible” to supply gas through Austria.

“Therefore, today’s Russian gas supplies to Eni through the Tarvisio entry point will be at zero,” the Italian company said. “Eni will provide updates in case supplies will be restored.”

Most of the Russian NatGas delivered to Italy flows through Ukraine via the Trans Austria Gas Pipeline to Tarvisio in northern Italy on the border with Austria. Before Russia invaded Ukraine, Italy imported 95% of its NatGas, of which 45% came from Russia.

Then there is the complication of the destruction of Nordstream. Germany could possibly repair Nordstream, but will they? There is a lot of unused pipe sitting in one village. It’s not likely.

Anger is building towards NATO.

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5 months ago

Joe Biden did this.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

It has been and it is entirely the fault of the West for inhibiting commerce.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
5 months ago

Countries who encouraged other countries to take strong stands against the illegal invasion of the Ukraine, should be shipping LNG to Italy.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
5 months ago

Your comment on the invasion is incorrect..

The Ukraine violated multiple neutrality agreements. Russia voluntarily made Ukraine independent on that reasonable condition. Ukraine proceeded to engage in massive repression, banning Russian language in public, banning opposition in media and government, allying with NATO, building bioweapons labs, taking billions in bribes from the USA. Russia attempted negotiations for years after the ILLEGAL coup. Russia’s invasion is entirely justified.

5 months ago

It looks like the EU media are just as corrupt as ours in the US, they must think the powers that they protect are going to protect them and theirs, OH NO!