Geniuses of ‘The View’ Mock Christians, Say Respect North Korea


Nasty woman, Joy Behar

Whoopi Goldberg thinks the U.S. has to be “respectful” of North Korea but apparently that urge to be “respectful” does not carry over to Christians, most notably Mike Pence.

On Monday’s The View leftist co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, and Joy Behar called Vice President Mike Pence a hypocrite for sitting down while North Korean athletes marched into the stadium at the Olympic Games this weekend.

Joy Behar thinks the Vice President is mentally ill because he has a relationship with God. Apparently, she prefers North Korea where they burn Christians on crosses and starve their oppressed people. They also rape and torture people. The attractive Kim Yo-jong, the sister of the murderous ruler Kim Jong-un, is an active policy maker and propagandist in the regime. Joy likes that better. She’s a fan, willing to do the propaganda for them at the expense of a religious American man.

This author personally met VP Pence when he was in Congress. He came out to speak with the first Tea Party to march on D.C. Without guards or preconceived notions, he spoke to a number of us. He is the nicest, most down-to-earth, and most sincere man one could hope to meet. He has a glow about him, unlike Joy who is just nasty with a scrunched up face. She has no glow whatsoever nor do Sunny or Whoopi.

Take all that people like those three say very personally if you are religious because they are mocking all of you.

Sunny Hostin called Mike Pence a hypocrite because he walked out of a football game as players knelt in protest.

“I thought that Mike Pence said that it was inappropriate to make political statements at sporting events?” Hostin said, sarcasm dripping from her forked tongue. “Wasn’t he that guy who walked out of the football game because people were kneeling and not standing?” she said with a sneer, pushing the propaganda for North Korea.

“But he’s representing the United States of America isn’t he?”

She’s a genius.

Whoopi pushed the message further, claiming the U.S. had to be “respectful” to North Korea. What she doesn’t get about them wanting to blow us all up, is hard to say. Another genius?


This author had a similar experience to Alveda King. I was driving along a side street in my neighborhood years ago. I had the green light. As I neared a blind corner, I heard something in my head tell me to ‘stop’. I did. The man in the car behind me blasted his horn. At the same instant, a car sped through the light across our path. He surely would have broadsided my car.

I looked back in the rearview mirror and the stunned man motioned, ‘how’?.

I have no idea how but it felt like God.

So, what’s going on with the “ladies” of The View? Do they love the fact that North Korea wants to blow us up or do they just like to show how much they hate the USA Christians founded?

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