Genocide Is Coming to South Africa as Communism, Racial Hate Grows

Genocide is coming to South Africa, the most productive country in Africa. Farm attacks on whites are a daily occurrence. The South African government is growing more and more radical.
The nation will soon be worse than Zimbabwe.

They will steal the land of white farmers as they promised, and , in fact, it has already begun. The media is complicit by not reporting it.

Most South Africans believe a race-based war is coming.

Whites are denied jobs and they are not allowed to protest. Whites are, more and more, finding themselves living in squatter camps. “They don’t have a life anymore,” says one former white farmer living in such a camp with two little children who continually get beaten for the color of their skin.

As the race-based communism grows worse, so does the deterioration and living conditions for everyone. The crime is rampant.

via Farmlands

The politician in this next clip believes in confrontation. She says they [blacks] want everything because it’s theirs. They don’t have to earn it. Politicians have joined forces with the criminals in this country, making this all possible.

Listen to the horrors inflicted on the farmers of South Africa. This woman has seen more murders than anyone and this is a brief and graphic description.

A white farming family is attacked every single day and the South African government might be complicit. The criminals target the vulnerable. Listen to this woman’s story.

Why Talk About Whites, All Are Suffering From Rampant Crime

Journalist Lauren Southern has been asked why she is only focusing on the whites in South Africa. The horrific crime affects everyone, no matter what color. The reasons she focuses on whites is because the international coverage of the white murders is non-existant. The media prefers to talk about Islamophobia, even if it’s fake. Entire white families are crucified, raped, little girls have their lips cut joker-style to their ears and it’s lucky if it makes even the local papers.

Now the communist rulers will steal white farmers’ land without compensation but the press is ignoring it.

This isn’t political correctness or silly discrimination claims as we see in the West, it’s real discrimination, reverse affirmative action, and the media is ignoring it.




  1. Of course the UN will say and do nothing. “Statesmen” such as McCain and Graham, constantly injecting their nonsense into every foreign policy debate, say nothing on this.

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