George Bush Maxed Out Donations to Two Trump Haters


George W. Bush donated the maximum amount to two people who voted to impeach Donald Trump.

Politico reports that former Republican President George W. Bush donated to Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

Bush donated thousands of dollars to Republicans Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Lisa Murkowski in 2021. He donated the maximum individual contribution of $5,800 to Cheney, whose father Dick served as his vice-president for eight years, last October and gave the maximum available primary donation to Murkowski.

Both Cheney and Murkowski voted to remove Trump from office in response to the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill last year. Cheney is also working for Pelosi, doing her dirty work on the J6 committee.

Cheney reported earlier this week that she raised $7 million last year as part of her reelection push.

All the RINOs are coming out for her.

Bush has been far more supportive of Obama’s-Biden’s agenda than America First. He’s a poser. Where is his concern for the country? Who is he?


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Don Vito Rolls With Tom Hagen
Don Vito Rolls With Tom Hagen
1 year ago

The Shrubs have been trying to overthrow the republic for almost 100 years ago.
Only a drooling dumbed down duped dullard society of dependents fall for some of the fairytales regarding the American crime families go into politics.
Gangsters don’t just come tatted up with heaters stuffed in the waistline, some of them have suits and degrees.