George Floyd autopsy, drugs in his system


The Hennepin County autopsy report declares George Floyd’s manner of death a homicide. The cause of death was cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual restraint and neck suppression.

Other conditions, arteriosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease; fentanyl intoxication; recent methamphetamine use. The doctor doesn’t suggest the drugs had anything to do with his death.

Dr. Michael Baden conducted a private autopsy and said he died of asphyxia.


This is the horrible video. Warning!



  1. What a shocker that the hate the police campaign continues under Trump.
    What if they are hoping that Trump will make some Hitleresque moves to stop the unrest?
    That civilian force that Chicago Jesus Dear Leader Messiah spoke of is a must have for the controllers.
    The crime syndicate masquerading as a political party known as the CPUSA or democrats wants their own thugs for the police so Baltimore/Chicago/Detroit style dystopia can go nationwide.
    Forward! Yes we can!

  2. What do you expect from a state that elects a incestual lying congress woman from the land a of barberry looters who says she believes in Sharia law but wouldn’t last a day under it. A dictatorial tyrant for a governor; A candy asster for a mayor of Minneapolis,: and A murderer on the police force with 3 lame brained accessories to the crime? One can only assume their Captain is a tin horn cronie of some mafia type. But, the the demonic-rats elected these jackasses. …As ANTIFA laid in wait for the moment to turn loose the anarchists, traveling mercenary barbarians for hire. Smoke them out with smoke and stink bombs, tear hoses and trained dogs.

    Declare Marshall in these war torn cities Mr. President. Bring in the NG and armed forces if needed. We’ve fought other countries wars. It’s time we fought our own. And yes ,this is war. It’s not a protest, and it’s not about Floyd. It’s about anarchy and treason. Serve and protect the good American citizens. We know this mayhem will probably cause a spike in the Covid-19 virus cases while people are already fighting for their lives.
    The time for talk is over. You can’t reason with mad men.

  3. Well, finally the internet is back.

    I wanted to post this as a comparison. There was little outrage and even justification by some cops. No one was ever charged, last I knew. I had heard the sargent left the country, but I don’t know for sure. I heard one cop say part of the problem is they hire from all over the country, as opposed to the way it used to be where they were recruited locally. I would say the way the officer in MN performed his duties is a far cry from This situation.

      • It’s sure Not how to handle an arrest. What is so pathetic is the shorts the man was wearing wouldn’t have been able to hold a gun. Those who justified it didn’t seem to think a person would have difficulty in following those orders and that most criminals act that way, even though you’re repeating, “we will kill you”. It was all a mistake.The kid had a BB rifle and someone saw him in a window thinking he was a sniper.

        This episode was overshadowed by some internet troll swatting some address. Cops went there thinking the worst and ended up shooting that man also.

        Twice in my life I’ve had guns pulled on me. Both times I could tell they didn’t have the intention. The second time I told the guy I would make him eat that gun. I wouldn’t even think about doing that these days.

        After the North Hollywood shootout of 44 minutes I could understand the fear cops have. And because of that a great deal of training goes into tactical operations and little on how to deal with the public. And in the news today more cops are shot. Let’s not forget the Dallas sniper that was picking off cops. Just as blacks see their brothers killed in different cities and react, cops also see their brothers across the country killed. Just as blacks won’t admit to the criminal element, cops are reluctant to condemn their own.

        • Thank you for the info. Working in the schools, I dealt a lot with police. They all were caring, save one. I think they’re fine overall, and I am grateful to them.

  4. This autopsy report was changed from the draft. That’s from political pressure.

    Anyhow, he did not suffocate. That’s an accidental death. He had heart disease and was intoxicate with dangerous drugs.

    Baden is the Fauci of medical examiners. He plays to the audience.

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