Biden says, ‘When I decided to decide, I made the decision, Jill & I made the decision, I made the decision…’


Why is Biden wearing that big mask when there is no one near him? Oh, right, he’s virtue signaling.

Former Vice President Joe Biden still can’t speak and demonstrated that in his first outing since he laid a wreath at a veteran’s memorial. While attempting to make sense inside a church on what “we have to do” as a country, he promised the crowd he’s considering “multiple African American candidates” to join his ticket.

“The last couple of weeks, I’ve been making what I hope to be very serious national speeches about what I think we have to do… When I decided to decide, when I made the decision, Jill and I, it was Jill and I made the decision… I made the decision that it was important that there would be a woman Vice President — and by the way, I promise you there are multiple African American candidates being considered,” Biden told the audience.

Good grief. He sounds like he’s ready to die.

Vice Presidents are going to be picked by gender now? And why is Jill deciding?


Biden also railed against Trump, claiming he killed 60,000 people by not shutting down sooner. He must have forgotten that he was holding rallies through March 10th and condemned the President for shutting down flights from China.

There’s also the question of why his staff is donating to rioters.

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