George Soros Is Funding Anti-Capitalist Terrorism in Hamburg


The anti-Capitalist George Soros is behind the violent G-20 protests. Soros is a subversive undermining of the U.S. government and Capitalism.

According to the Daily Caller, the American Antifa, funded by George Soros, said they have a “German contingent” at the protests in Hamburg.

They’re burning the place down and at least 196 police officers have been hurt.

It’s not a surprise and it’s not just a German contingent. Some were shipped over to Hamburg. The reporters have been interviewing American Antifas for a couple days. Soros’s groups had them transported to Hamburg.

These people are communists and some are U.S. communists. Where is the outrage?

The Soros-funded Alliance for Global Justice is a fiscal sponsor of the G-20 riots. Included in the group in Hamburg are U.S. communists Cornel West and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

Antifa are marching around with their Bill Ayers sponsored “No” signs. That’s how you can spot the Americans or American-sponsored Antifa.

The NYC Mayor, communist Bill de Blasio, rushed to Hamburg to join the violent anti-capitalist protests. This is a man whose city has prospered on Capitalism. His funding came from leftist groups and the NYC taxpayer. He gave a keynote to his anti-capitalism buddies and said, “This is what democracy looks like.”

At least 45 rioters have been arrested, but if 196 police have been hurt, why are only 45 rioters arrested? You know there are more who should be in jail. Something is wrong here.

The violent groups are also planning a violent National Day of Protests on July 15th. The anti-Capitalists want to oppose “the tremendous threat to humanity posed by the Trump/Pence regime.”

The left is bashing Ivanka Trump today for setting up a world organization to help impoverished women. They are inventing fake stories about Trump’s supposed isolation and caving to Putin. And the U.S. communists burning down Hamburg upsets them a lot less.

These aren’t protests, they’re riots.

There is widespread looting.

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6 years ago

It might become ironic that what these Antifa (domestic terrorists) fight against is exactly what They may create. According to some in Germany the leftists in Government are in Full support of these organizations along with their media organizations. There are stories one after another whereby they are Praised and so are their actions.

Well, those whose property are destroyed and their employees are the ones that suffer as a result. You can only suffer this onslaught for a limited amount of time before a significant backlash occurs. Such a backlash may very well create a Government resembling an Autocratic regime. You would see actions perpetrated similar to what Turkey has done. It would have to include such extreme measures in order to erase the Antifa influence. Therefore Antifa would be fighting what they themselves created.

The live video streams did not do justice to the events that actually transpired. One stream I watched was Fox News. When it came time for Shepherd Smith he had the audacity to come on the air and sanctimoniously state he saw nothing wrong and the “protests” seemed peaceful. This was immediately after an earlier report “From the Scene” of what truly was going on.

(On a side note here; I found something to be very peculiar in the report of Fox with John Roberts. When there are communications between a Studio and a remote location, even local ones, there is a slight delay between the time of questioning and the response by the person “on the ground”. Communications via Satellite are not and cannot be immediate. One option is that it could have been a “packaged report”. If so, it cannot be counted as “Live”.)

There are more and more videos coming out that show it was much much worse than I originally believed. In all the scenes of destruction it is Not inflicted on the wealthy and powerful but rather on the smaller businesses and individuals. I cannot recall ever seeing this level of violence against the EU itself, who are the Real Elite who desire to live the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous at others expense. Presumably they appear to be the ones, in some manner, orchestrating this uprising and mayhem.

There is a website for Antifa groups,, that has an “appointment book” events to disrupt. Parts of the blog use Crowdfunding to pay for staging riots, destroying parking lots full of cars in comfortable living areas as a definition of “class struggle”. Given the nature of these groups are leftists the media will ignore any and all the criminal activity. If it were right wing sites the media would certainly be raising the battle flag. All the while, Governments and Police allow the continuation of this “free speech” whereas if one says something even remotely a slight against Islam the full power and weight of Government and Police Will Be at your doorstep. This is NOT hyperbole.