George W. Bush Is Whipping Votes for Judge Kavanaugh


Former president George W. Bush is whipping votes for Brett Kavanaugh. Republicans think they have the votes. They believe they have enough Republican votes and some Democrat votes.

According to Erick Erickson, Bush has been whipping for the past three days.

Sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell has also been very persuasive, Erickson said. Her line of questioning confirmed to several of the Republicans that the Ford accusation was a carefully scripted and rolled out Democrat operation to assassinate Kavanaugh’s character. Because of her, senators who were wavering realize it will only get worse if they abandon the judge.

Ms. Mitchell convinced the Republicans that not only could she not prosecute the judge, she couldn’t even get a warrant.

President Bush also assured Republicans that he knows Kavanaugh and he knows he is not the man Democrats portrayed him to be.

Democrats in red states who are facing tough elections might also vote for the judge.

The Democrats, especially Chris Coons, are claiming they only want a week delay and it’s what Mrs. Ford deserves. Can you imagine the damage they can do with fake claims in a week?

They are out tormenting Jeff Flake as we speak.

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