Georgescu Warns the Elites Plan a Food & Water Crisis


Calin Georgescu, the former President of the Club of Rome, warns that the oligarchs have the power in Europe because they control people like the president or Prime Minister. Donald Trump was a “big shock. They didn’t expect that to happen. That was an accident and not part of their game.”

 It was the “first time the oligarchy system” was disrupted. [Donald Trump’s election] interrupted the plan to cause “a disaster regarding food and water.” They wanted the disaster to arrive in 2020, but now they are planning it for 2025.

These are the last moments and we have to be to have the courage now, all of us to say ‘no.’

The “UN could be a fantastic…have a fantastic role” …but it’s not because it’s totally under control of the oligarchs.”

Georgescu said the oligarchs are tied to a system of pedophilia.

He didn’t present evidence and we don’t know how accurate his statements are, but we do know the farms are being shut down in The Netherlands and other countries as Joe Biden threatens to severely restrict farming in the United States.

Klaus Schwab’s 4th Reich? Watch the next clip.

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