Georgia Dem endorses Trump as a ‘transformative figure’


The first elected Democrat, state representative Vernon Jones, has “enthusiastically” endorsed President Donald Trump for a second term. He referred to the president as a “transformative figure” who has helped the black community.

“It’s very simple to me. President Trump’s handling of the economy, his support for historically black colleges and his criminal justice initiatives drew me to endorse his campaign,” said Jones.

For standing up for what he believes, he is pilloried. Georgia Democrat chairwoman Nikema Williams called Jones an “embarrassment” to the party.

State Rep. Scott Holcomb said, “They’re both incompetent narcissists. This isn’t surprising.” We wonder how competent or decent Holcomb is.

House Democrat leaders endorsed Jones’ primary challenger, Rhonda Taylor. House Minority Leader Bog Trammel said he was writing her a check today.

Democrats don’t allow anyone to have a different opinion. Rep. Vernon Jones is a man of courage.



  1. DEMwitz do NOT ALLOW anything decent to be done for “We the People”, FAR TOO OFTEN!! These present DEMS are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS & PROVEN to dislike, {AKA: hate}, anyone who disagrees with them!!


  2. I’ll be interested in seeing Today’s briefing, after the last one. It’s comical. They really believe They are getting under the President’s skin. But are they. You don’t even hear him raise his voice. He’s methodical and relentless though. But the press, on the other hand, are nearly jumping out of their chairs. Ordinarily these briefings are TOO boring to watch or listen to. It IS entertaining to watch the press though. No matter what, they just can’t see or believe how foolish they look. I’ve thought for quite some time his goal is to destroy the press, and it goes back to his thoughts on “revenge”, and the press during his bankruptcy. Any other politician would never continue, especially without ‘some’ purpose. There’s no reason to give daily briefings, and as Ari Fleischer said, he should limit it to 3 times a week. But Ari has never understood what drives Donald Trump. It’s NOT just that he’s a fighter and will attack “back”. If a person looks at Trump’s past you will find he is driven by purpose. If there is No purpose, there is No drive. Only With purpose will their be drive. That’s why I believe His purpose is to destroy the press, and That is what drives him. The great thing IS, he tells why. He does believe they Are Fake And Corrupt.

  3. It could always be worse. Imagine Cankles the inevitable Pantsuit Princess or Dingle Barry Obama at the helm. Yikes!
    There is many a mile in the rearview and many more to go for Trump and let’s keep going.
    Now if he would let Jarvanka go and mingle with celebretards and stop appointing deep state RATS all the time although there isn’t much else to choose from.
    Only psychopaths want to rule over people in the swamp known as the district of cesspool.
    Vernon has guts and guts is all you need. Bog Trammel? Bwahaha! Right out of central casting.

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