Cali gov hijacks President’s re-opening of the ‘nation-state’


The governor of California discussed his plans for re-opening but he clearly has no intention of going back to things they were. It’s not even a consideration.

California Governor Gavin Newsom keeps calling California a ‘nation-state’ which does point to his vision of California as very separate from the rest of the United States. They do have 40 million people and the fifth-largest economy. Perhaps it’s time for them to secede.

The far-left governor said he is encouraged by their success with the coronavirus, but he won’t re-open until the curve is flattened.

He will discuss opening the government the first week of May and is talking about restructuring the economy and businesses. The health commissioner of California appears to be making the decision and she doesn’t seem to want to open — somewhat — before May 15th at best.

Newsom said they would be “guided by science and public health, not politics.” It will be a slow re-opening [as the economy collapses, it’s a communist dream].

Indeed the opposite is true. Politics is everything for the far-left.


His framework for opening the government will be predicated on six things: expand testing to identify and isolate the infected, maintain vigilance to protect seniors and high-risk individuals, be able to meet future surges in hospitals with a “myriad of protective gear,” continue to collaborate with academia on therapies and treatments, redraw regulations to ensure continued physical distancing at businesses and schools and develop new enforcement mechanisms to allow the state to pull back and reinstate stay-at-home orders.

He said school is over for the year.

Newsom is collaborating with two other far-left governors, Jay Inslee of Washington and Kate Brown of Oregon.

Complete Restructuring

Newsom wants facilities restructured with everything set up for social distancing. Watch for intrusions on your civil liberties Californians.

Sonia Angell, California Department of Health, said that before re-opening, California must be in a position to test everyone who is symptomatic, identify those who test positive, prevent infection in those who are at risk, they need a plan to identify and contain facilities of congregate living, know the ability of hospitals to handle surges, and be assured that they have the supplies they need to keep customers safe.

It seems like it will be impossible for private businesses to survive. They probably have to redo their floor plans when they do open. Restaurants might have fewer tables, people will have to wear face coverings, and according to Angell, it is an opportunity to impove contract tracing [watch your civil liberties].

All California will be left with one day are government workers.

Also, the IMF predicts our economy will be worse than that of the Great Depression. Hopefully, the New York governor isn’t going to do the same thing.

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