Georgia governor bans mandatory face-coverings


Georgia Governor Kemp has overridden all local requirements to wear facial coverings. He has banned all orders to wear face-coverings.

That’s gutsy since the left has forbidden such thoughts.

Kemp’s executive order issued Wednesday prevents local governments from enforcing mandatory face-covering orders that are more restrictive than the current statewide order. The move effectively voided orders issued by at least 15 local governments across the state, according to The Associated Press.

He strongly encourages the wearing of masks where practicable.

Kemp’s spokesperson Candice Broce said the mandates are unenforceable and she’s right except for people like Murphy, the governor of New Jersey who said the Constitution is “above his paygrade,” as he laughed.

In fact, masks may be a good idea and sounds logical, but there is no scientific data to support their efficacy — none.



  1. This is how it should be. The government’s duty is to inform the public with facts, not fiction, not opinion, “Just the facts, ma’am” as Joe Friday would say. Then as free, self determining people, we make the decisions as to what is best for us in our situations. Wear a mask if you choose but don’t impose on others. If you’re a business owner and want your employees and/or customers to wear one while in your business, you have that right to require it but no politician has the right to require it. I don’t care what any judge, politician or lying lawyer says about authority given to politicians in laws to protect the public, nowhere in Bill of Rights or the body of the Constitution itself does it allow our rights to be restricted for any reason.
    Think about how it would be in GA if Stacy Abrams was governor, you would all be required to wear masks and probably in your own home if you had kids which in her case would be a good thing. Georgians, you did good electing Brian Kemp.

  2. Since masks do not block the airborne virus, masks do not work. The virus is much too tiny. Plus air is taken around the edges. Case closed.

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