Statue of Jesus decapitated! Archdiocese wants it investigated as a hate crime


A statue of Jesus was decapitated and knocked off its pedestal in the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The Archbishop wants it investigated as a hate crime.

So was Jesus a racist too?

Father Edvaldo DaSilva has been the parochial-vicar at the church for three years. He said the vandalism he’s seen in recent weeks has started hitting churches.


When asked if the statue toppled over on its own, DaSilva said, “Obviously not, that’s for sure. They had some powerful hands to remove it. Seeing what is happening in our country, I presume so, but we don’t have 100% assurance.”

DaSilva pointed to an incident that occurred at a church in Ocala on Saturday.

Steven Anthony Shields, 24, was arrested and faces several charges, including attempted murder, after Marion County Sheriff’s officials said he slammed his vehicle into the church before setting it on fire.

An email regarding the vandalized statue went out to the church’s congregation, Wednesday morning.

“The problem is many people have many other problems: addictions, emotional problems,” Bocanegra said. “We’re supposed to be praying for these people. Anyway, it’s the wrong way, wrong decision.”

The Archdiocese of Miami released a statement that reads, “The Archdiocese of Miami expects the police to investigate this desecration of the Jesus Christ statue as a hate crime. This crime reflects the increasing attacks on the Catholic church across the country.”

Miami-Dade Police are investigating, and the parish hopes surveillance cameras lead to whoever is responsible.

In New York, St. Patrick’s was badly vandalized and DA Vance would not prosecute the criminals who did it. Why the church didn’t fight that is a mystery.

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