Georgia SoS Raffensperger files brief to weaken audit of ballots


Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who likely doesn’t have a prayer of getting re-elected, sent a request to the courts this week requesting that ballot images taken from the voting machines be the only source of evidence to be used in an upcoming audit in Fulton County. Raffensperger doesn’t want the paper ballots reviewed, Creative Destructive Media reports.

Why? If the election was so perfect, why not look at the actual ballots.

Raffensperger has filed a legal brief to weaken an upcoming audit of suspect ballots in his latest peculiar move to stand in the way of electoral transparency.

The Story

Activists with VoterGA have pushed to put the ballots in Fulton County, GA through a forensic audit. A judge agreed to it, but Raffensperger is fighting to keep the ballots from being inspected. The amicus brief filed by Raffensperger’s office can be seen here.

“The Secretary respectfully requests that the Court permit Petitioners to inspect ballot images only and deny Petitioners’ request to inspect and scan ballots,” the brief states.

“Petitioners have submitted to the Court a proposed order granting their Motion to Unseal, which would grant Petitioners sweeping and unprecedented access to all ballots,” the brief adds.

VoterGA claims that Raffensperger misrepresented their position in his amicus brief. They are also fed up with Raffensperger’s request to provide the activists with only “ballot images” that are curated by the Secretary of State’s office, rather than the actual ballot itself.

“Ballots are then scanned through optical voting scanners selected and furnished by the State of Georgia pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 21-2-300. Once scanned, an electronic ballot image is created and stored on a memory card,” the amicus brief explains.

The problem is they don’t trust Raffensperger and the fact that he would have control is unacceptable to them.

Why would Raffensperger not cooperate? What is he afraid of?

Right now, he’s getting it from all directions. He’s being sued for the so-called voter suppression bill (the perfectly fine Election Integrity Act) and for discrimination. We all know by now there is no discrimination in the bill.

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