Machete-wielding son stops 4 black men attacking his elderly Asian parents


Four black males attacked and robbed an elderly Asian couple as they returned home from grocery shopping earlier this week.

The Asian couple’s son heard his parents screaming for help so he emerged from the house wielding a machete to protect his parents.

I heard my mom screaming and that’s when I ran out. If I hadn’t come out, they would have done a lot worse,” the heroic son told ABC 7 News.

ABC 7 reported that the couple’s son told Dion Lim, anchor for ABC7’s sister station ABC7 News in San Francisco, that the group of men approached his parents on their front porch after they had come home from grocery shopping Monday, March 29 at around 4:30 p.m. He did not want to be identified or share publicly the neighborhood where this incident happened.

The video shows the robbers grabbing the gold chain off his mother’s neck and also reaching into his father’s pockets to take a cell phone and keys.

The son had a machete and scared them off.

He was glad he was home at the time. So are we!

This robbery and assault comes just one day before a Vietnamese couple was tied up in front of their 7-year-old daughter less than 10 minutes away. That family was robbed of much of their life savings and their home was ransacked.

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