Geraldo backs Biden’s vax-for-all to keep the Riveras safe


Geraldo Rivera defended figurehead Biden’s call for private businesses to mandate the coronavirus vaccine as if Biden has the right.

Rivera said on “The Five” that the government had an “obligation” to protect him and his family. His argument is that Biden was simply trying to make sure that Americans did not have to move backward to more restrictions.

If that were true, he’d close the borders.

Rivera began by noting that the coronavirus pandemic was already responsible for more deaths than the American Civil War and saying that Biden was doing what he thought he needed to do to “curb an emergency.”

Rivera said, “He is impatient. He’s angry. He thought he would be remembered as the president who crushed COVID. And instead, COVID is threatening to crush his agenda. So, of course, he is in every way frustrated.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, there is long-settled law in the United States of America that your freedoms cannot infringe on my family’s health. You don’t have the right to spread smallpox or measles or polio or whatever it is to my family. I have a right to protect my family. My government has the obligation to protect me and my family.”


Long settled law, Geraldo? The healthy were not quarantined for smallpox, polio, and measles, Geraldo. We never put masks on the healthy or locked the healthy down as they do in Maoist China.

Under this mandate from Joe Biden on Thursday, OSHA will order people vaccinated or fired. They do not have that power any more than they have the power to pass laws about rent moratoriums. Congress makes laws.

It’s not a pandemic any longer. It’s an endemic.

Biden is “angry” and “in every way frustrated?” No, he’s not. Biden barely knows what is going on. He’s also letting millions of illegals pour in with COV. Then they travel to various states unvaccinated and with COV. We also have 95,000 Afghans who are almost all unvaccinated.

Shut the hell up Geraldo. Biden and his handlers are simply tyrants who think they can make people do whatever they want at whatever cost.


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