Geraldo Hits a New Low on The Five Over the Rapist in a Skirt


Geraldo Rivera stooped to a new low on The Five today. He completely discounted the rape of a girl in a Loudon County Schools as an “over the top” reaction by the victim’s father after he erupted at a school board meeting where he was not allowed to speak. 

The man’s 9th grade daughter was brutally raped, sodomized and made to suffer forced fallatio by a boy in a skirt who entered the girl’s bathroom (The boy was found guilty by a judge). The Superintendent lied and said there were no assaults, although he knew about the assault.

You bet the father was angry.

Within weeks of that rape, the boy who claimed he is gender fluid raped another girl. The school had promised the first victim’s family they would not let him back into school. But they did let him back into another school in the district.

The board meeting was about letting bio males into girl’s locker rooms and bathrooms. It was appropriate for the father to speak up at this meeting.

Geraldo made it about transphobia and ignored the rape. The man is a fool. Why is he on TV? When his daughter escaped a terror attack in France, he was emotional and worn out from anguish. How soon he has forgotten.

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