‘This is scary, where they want to go, what they’re doing to Americans’ constitutional rights’


Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said that the Democrats’ committee investigating the J6 riot/parade are engaging in a “complete assault on Americans’ liberty.” He was outraged over the filing of a contempt charge against Steve Bannon.

Jordan, who has called for an investigation into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over her role that day, was livid after the committee voted to file contempt charges against Steve Bannon.

“There’s been subpoenas issued to 11 individuals, 11 American citizens who asked the government permission on an application to hold the Trump rally,” Jordan said.

“The government granted it and now the January 6 committee petitions them to ask them questions about exercising their First Amendment right to assemble,” he added.

“And why would they subpoena me? I didn’t do anything wrong — I talked to the president,” Mr. Jordan told the Washington Post. “I talk to the president all the time. I just think that’s — you know where I’m at on this commission — this is all about going after President Trump. That seems obvious.”

“And they told these companies that, by the way, don’t let the person we’re telling you to preserve information for, don’t let them know as the law requires, don’t let them know that we’ve asked you to do this,” he said.

“This is scary where they want to go and what they’re doing to Americans’ constitutional rights. And finally, I would ask the fundamental question, how would you expect witnesses to participate when you wouldn’t let Republicans participate in the committee? How can you do that? We know what this is about, it’s plain and simple, this is about they’ve got nothing else to talk about.”


Julie Kelly was on Newsmax this week reviewing some of the absurdities in the prosecution the J6 rioters/paraders.


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John Vieira
1 year ago

One has to be really ‘out of it’ completely NOT to have seen the open degradation of the judiciary…culminating in the inaction of the SCOTUS in November 2020…

1 year ago

The US Feral Government is the most dangerous enemy the American people face.

Mr Scary by Guitar Solo
Mr Scary by Guitar Solo
1 year ago

Glad someone is noticing the fundamental transformation but it might be too late.
The bitter fruits of devolution and dumbing down will be used in the moving quickly not so great reset leap forward.
Jo Jo Magoo is the great white Urkel grampa so that the face isn’t too sinister for the awakening frogs.

1 year ago

The Democrats’ committee investigating the J6 incident is all about providing covering for Pelosi and Schumer.