Geraldo Says the Illegal Immigration “Crisis” is “Manufactured”


Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera doesn’t have a problem with unvetted illegal immigrants pouring across our borders. It’s all much ado about nothing for him. Nothing will change his mind, certainly not the caravan.

The much-publicized caravan of future illegal immigrants spurred the President to action this week. He is sending the National Guard to the border and ending “catch and release” via memorandum.

Dubbed the ‘caravan’, the moving conglomerate of future Democrats making their way from Central America through Mexico to the United States was reportedly broken up. In a way, that is true. They are moving in smaller groups, but they are still on the move and they are coming to the U.S.

The caravan isn’t the main problem. It merely shines a light on the problem. Massive illegal immigration is the problem. We have no idea who is in this country or how many of them there are.

Geraldo told Sean Hannity on his show last night that the entire “crisis” is “manufactured”.

“I think this immigrant crisis is manufactured,” Rivera said. “I think it’s an overreaction to the so-called caravan of 1,000 that is now broken up in the southern city around Puebla. … They are seeking asylum.”

Hannity explained that migrants “crossed the border, the weak borders, and raped Americans.” He mentioned that Kate Steinle was murdered although she is only one of many. She has become a symbol of the crisis that Geraldo believes is “manufactured”.

Geraldo insists illegal immigration is at 46-year lows, when in fact, we have no idea how many are coming over.

When Hannity asked him if he believed crimes are being committed against Americans, Geraldo said crimes are being committed against the vulnerable [illegal] immigrants.

“They’re seeking a better life, just like our immigrant parents sought a better life here,” Rivera said.

Does that mean, as Geraldo suggests, we should allow everyone to pour in or let them stay once they do?

As a point of fact, there is no such thing as ‘dreamer’ in our immigration laws. They aren’t ‘dreamers’, they are here illegally and they will be the new ‘anchor babies’ if legislators have their way. After they enshrined into law as lawful, their families and extended families will be as well.



  1. This Will not be the first time I am expressing an observation about Geraldo Rivera. Like most leftists/liberals, no he is not a Republican, unless and until the pain hits them or one of their loved ones directly, they just don’t get it. Call it an enormous deficit of empathy.
    Geraldo used to be all in on the notion that those engaged in Jihad, radical Islam, they just need better jobs. He was quite soft on Islam that is until his daughter very nearly became a victim of Islam. Then he came out swinging calling them all sorts of unsavory, but appropriate, names.
    I have witnessed this quality about Geraldo through the years. Unless and until the pain of leftist ideations hits him or one of his loved ones, there is absolutely no cognition of the extreme dangers those ideals pose upon humanity.
    I guarantee you, if one of Getaldo’s loved ones became a victim of illegal violence, one of his daughters raped, one of his sons killed by a drunk illegal or murdered for his wallet, Geraldo would change his tune radically.

  2. This leftist claims to be a reg. Republican. Well he may have reregistered but he didn’t change his ideology, because he has to stand up for his Hispanic brothers or else be ostracized by that community. He talks out both sides of his mouth.

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