Trump and McCarthy Want to Cut the $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

There is a unique opportunity to cut the $1.3 trillion spending bill just passed and signed. The idea being presented is fraught with problems, but the reaction to it by the Republican base has prompted them to consider it.

President Trump and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) put forth a proposal to use an arcane budget maneuver to claw back spending from the $1.3 trillion omnibus package passed just last month with bipartisan support.

Senate Republicans are not receiving it warmly because the effort is very problematic.

Everyone is waiting to hear from Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on the issue. His spokesperson, AshLee Strong said, “We are engaged in this conversation with the White House.”

One problem with it for Republicans is the rules would allow Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (R-N.Y.) to force them to take a variety of tough political votes on popular spending programs.

It would also make it tougher to negotiate future spending bills and this one took months as it was.

It would also poison the well. McConnell and Ryan will be accused of “breaking their word.”

Additionally, Republicans say it’s also a misuse of the arcane law. The maneuver was meant for “small” cuts, and “cuts around the edges.”

The House Freedom Caucus would love to see it happen but know getting 51 votes in the Senate would be a challenge.

We are heading for fiscal Armageddon and few seem to realize it.




  1. Let me just say this I am sick and tired of these do nothing swamp rats in congress who work a 120 days a year and sit on their hands until the last minute and then push a bill through without being able to read it. Then the lemmings just follow along with their leaders. That place needs to be cleaned out completely and term limits passed. I rest my case.

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