Geraldo screams at ‘punk’ Dan who fires back at ‘an out of control lunatic!’


No article about Geraldo should go up without this selfie in his bathroom. He just needs a bag over his faxce.

Hamas fired over 4,000 rockets to Israel and they use their own people as human shields. Since Israelis are more effective at defending themselves than Hamas is at attacking Israel, Geraldo wants Israel to stop fighting NOW!

Terror supporter Geraldo needs to go to CNN unless Fox is trying to go for the Hamas audience to get their ratings up.

This was the most dramatic scene:

Geraldo: “Stop attacking me, punk! Address the issue! Do you have the guts to address the issue?” At around 1:45, Geraldo balled up a piece of paper and lobbed it toward the camera while ranting, “I’m sick of you! You’re a punk!” Geraldo then showed Bongino the back of his head before Hannity stepped in and ended the conversation.

Bongino, at one point, laughed and called him an “out of control lunatic.”

Watch Hamas supporter Gerald call Bongino a “punk.”

Geraldo was raised Jewish!!! He pretends he identifies more with his Hispanic father’s culture but he was raised Jewish. He’s as much of a fraud as the contents of Al Capone’s safe.

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