Oregon goes mask/vaccination totalitarian


Oregon is taking freedom away from its residents. They are demanding fully vaccinated people without masks show proof of vaccinations in all businesses, workplaces, and houses of worship.

How can that be legal? If they can do it for this, they can do it for colds, the flu. They can do it for anything they think is not good for the collective.

Why not give the unvaccinated gold stars? We hear that was handy in the 1930s.

This statewide mandate is one of the first of its kind in the country. Some raised concerns that the procedure of verifying vaccinations could be too cumbersome for workers.

How about too freedom-robbing? What can’t the state do if they do this?

Gov. Kate Brown, a far-Left, inept Democrat, said last week that Oregonians who were fully vaccinated no longer needed to wear masks in most public settings, except in places like schools, public transit, and health care settings.

Why schools? Let me guess, the totalitarian teachers’ union loves masks?

But Brown quickly noted that businesses would have “the option” of lifting mask requirements only if they instituted verification. “Some businesses may prefer to simply continue operating under the current guidance for now rather than worrying about vaccination status, and that’s fine,” she said.

We are all Hester Prynne if this is okay. Bring your vaccination cards everywhere in Oregon or wear a mask forever, so say the totalitarian Democrats of Oregon where most of the brutal communists of Antifa and BLM attack the police and burn down buildings without punishment.

More information is available in the NY Times.

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