Geraldo Says OK to Publish FAKE Trump Tale Since FBI Released REAL Hillary Scandal


Geraldo discussing Trump and Hillary with Fox & Friends

Geraldo Is Confused Between Real Live and the Imaginary World of Leftists

Geraldo says it was okay for Buzzfeed to release and CNN to promote the fake Trump sextape which contains no evidence because the FBI released the real email story about Hillary Clinton. He actually drew equivalence between the fake Trump story and the real Hillary story.

He is saying to not release information on candidates even if it’s true.

This guy pretends he’s a Republican.

Geraldo should stick to what’s he’s good at like opening Al Capone’s safe and getting washed up by waves during hurricanes.

Is anyone else fed up with this moron?

Last week, Geraldo Rivera was worried about Trump’s “America First” mindset because Mexicans will lose jobs in Mexico.

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