German Hospital Refuses to Treat Russians and Belarusians


As we saw during the pandemic, people who swore to do no harm, isolated and refused treatment to some patients. Now, we have a private hospital in Munich, Germany refusing to treat Russian and Belarusian citizens.

Let’s hope this doesn’t take hold elsewhere. These people have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.

Fortunately, the hospital received so much negative blowback that they had to reverse course. It is a dangerous sign, however, and we should keep an eye on it.

From the News Report:

A strong statement in support of Ukrainian war victims – that should be it. But a letter from the Iatros Clinic in Munich created a shitstorm instead of feelings of solidarity. The Bavarian private clinic from Munich had announced that it would no longer treat Russian and Belarusian patients. Huge criticism was followed by another statement from the clinic management.

In the letter of last Friday (04.03.) it says from the private clinic from Munich, among other things: “The invasion of the Russian army with the help of the Belarusian government is condemned by us in the strongest possible terms.” Specifically, a few lines follow: “Therefore, from now on and until further notice, we will not treat any Russian and Belarusian citizens with us.” This sentence sparked criticism in the social networks. Instead of solidarity, thousands of users saw racism and exclusion in the announcement.

The many negative Google reviews and comments on Facebook did not leave the clinic unanswered. The private clinic has published a statement on its homepage. It states: “Our intention was to express compassion for the Ukrainian people.” In addition, the clinic admits the mistake: “This idea was not thought through to the end in its entirety at that time.” It continues: “We accept this criticism in full.” The question remains whether the decision will be withdrawn. Even if the apologetic lines suggest this: “It is completely far from us to discriminate against or exclude patients on the basis of their origin. We apologize for creating this impression.” In addition, the clinic has donated 10,000 euros to the organization Doctors Without Borders to support their use in Ukraine.

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4 months ago

MASH (tv series) did similar when Frank Burns “declined” to treat/perform surgery on a patient…


4 months ago

I guess the 1930s mentality of the Germans hasn’t died at all, just went underground.

Thorns In Their Side
Thorns In Their Side
4 months ago

Kulaks, republicans, conservatives, independents, all will be purged in the Great Reset with an eventual Final Solution.
Lefty doesn’t play and will go full RED Terror before it is all over.
Our existence points up their FAIL at workers utopia building.
Germanistan and the EuroReich should start looking for some new energy sources.

4 months ago

Well said and true.

4 months ago

Great Reset. It started with unvaccinated, then unboosted, now this group, then another they don’t like. Next will be political party affiliation, social media postings, political campaign donations etc. Where does it end? What average Russian has to do with anything? What about Canadian vice prime minister Christia Freeland whose grandfather was a Nazi? Is she woke globalist enough to escape any scrutiny? So now globalist left will pick and choose their enemies and their own protected woke class?