This Is Why Ukraine Is Important, One Person’s Opinion


Charlie Kirk delves into the Bio Labs and touches on The Great Reset in his recent podcast (below). He interviews Natalie Winters about her bombshell report on the question of Bioweapons labs in Ukraine. He then interviews a foreign intelligence expert on Bio Labs and why would they be in a border state to Russia.

The name George Soros comes up along with Nazis, The Tides Foundation, and color revolutions among others.

The guests do a great job of tying all this together. It’s the news the media does not want you to see or hear.

The information from Dr. Keith Rose is all conjecture and there is still no evidence that there are bioweapons labs in Ukraine. However, his opinion is interesting.

We added a clip by Erick Erickson who calls it a conspiracy theory. We added Erickson after publication so people could hear a different opinion before coming to any conclusions.


Natalie Winters from The National Pulse walks Charlie through a bombshell article exposing the truth about US Bioweapon Laboratories in Ukraine, how they got there, who controls them, and where they stand today. Then Dr. Keith Rose gives his analysis of what is going on in Ukraine.

US Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland recently admitted there are Bio Labs in Ukraine and Russians want them.

Why are these labs important? The Left wants to control scientific research, especially anything conducted at Level 3 and Level 4 labs.

Ms. Winters found deleted documents that are still available on the Wayback Machine and elsewhere. One of the documents explains Barack Obama entered into an agreement with Ukrainian counterparts to establish such a lab in Odesa.

A report uncovered the fact that they are “especially dangerous pathogens” and the manipulations they were doing to them.

It is indisputable that the Department of Defense was involved in the construction and maintenance of these labs. It is unclear what they were working on in these labs.

There are two types of pathogens – Type I and Type II. Odesa had clearance to work on both of these types of pathogens.


Foreign intelligence expert, Dr. Keith Rose, on The Charlie Kirk Show, helps unpack the Bio Lab story even further and shares his thoughts about the disappearance of Tony Fauci and how it all may tie into what we’re witnessing play out 5,000 miles away.

He also talks about the Globalist, Soros-Funded motivations of our leaders’ forays into Eastern Europe and helps walk through the history of Ukraine and its involvement with the Nazis during and after World War Two.

Dr. Rose believes the US was engaged in finding bioweapons labs in Ukraine and they were later funded in part by the US.

Dr. Rose asks why Ukraine is so important. Some of the answer lies in its history.

It was a central base during World War II for the Nazis. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed in Western Ukraine. The CIA director at the time Allen Dulles helped Nazi scientists go to Ukraine. There are Nazis in Ukraine today.

NATO said they accidentally posted this photo for International Women’s Day. They didn’t notice the Nazi symbol – The Black Sun – on her chest.

The Black Sun, a former Nazi symbol, is on many Ukrainian soldiers’ uniforms.

History Seeps Into Present Day

Some of the answers lie in its usefulness today, Dr. Rose insists.

  • Currently, Ukraine is a training site for color revolutions and it’s involved in The Great Reset.
  • The Sunrise Movement (under the Affinity Movement) – indoctrinating children with the curriculum – and the Momentum Movement – to teach organizing – are based in Ukraine.
  • Soros front groups — Open Society, Tides, Thousand Currents — are active in Ukraine. And they work with Brookings. The train Antifa in Ukraine.
  • Go to CRIMETHINC and look at the documents.
  • These think tanks are recruiting a lot of kids and destroying our future.
  • What people don’t know is that many unusual illnesses and diseases have broken out in Ukraine.

Again, why is Ukraine so important from the Russia collusion story to the Ukraine impeachment (Alexandra Chalupa)? The UN is very active in Ukraine. John McCain, and Lindsey Graham traveled to Ukraine to tell Ukrainians we support them attacking Russians.

Why is it so important?

Dr. Rose’s sources on the ground say 8 Bio Labs have been destroyed and 3 more are so sensitive, they can’t be sure they will be able to be destroyed. They don’t know if they can clean it efficiently, he says. That supports Victoria Nuland’s comment that these are Soviet labs they are trying to clean up and haven’t done so since 1963. Why is it taking so long?

Remember when we couldn’t say the name Eric Carmella? Who had the power to shut that down?  The globalists who own everything were the only ones powerful enough to silence people.

Then-Ambassador to Ukraine Maria Yavonovich told Ukrainians when President Trump was first elected they didn’t have to listen to him because “he’s not in charge.”

Dr. Rose believes Ukraine is valuable because it launders US money, ideology, and policies. We have seen wealthy families like the Pelosi’s, the Kerry’s, and Biden’s getting rich off Ukraine. It’s a base for George Soros.

Where Is Dr. Fauci, the Ever-Present Presence?

Dr. Rose thinks Dr. Anthony Fauci should know what’s going on and might be very involved in this. Congress needs to ask. He’s been on the wrong side of history throughout his career.

Ask why this country — insignificant to the US — gets billions of US dollars and we don’t know where it has gone. They are funding insurrections around the world.

If you mention Ukraine, you’re told you are a conspiracy theorist.

Pray for The Great Awakening, he concludes.



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