German Thinks Cute Sheep in the Shape of a Syringe Will Get People Vaxxed


A German campaigner formed 700 sheep in the shape of a giant syringe to reach the hearts and minds of people hesitating to take a COVID-19 injection.

Oh, yeah, that’ll work.

We kid you not. He actually thinks cute little sheep will make people get vaxxed who want no part of it. I don’t get the connection.

Germany has lower vaccination rates than most other Western European nations. Apparently, most are on the fence and sheep can pull them over.

“Sheep are popular with people and carry positive emotional connotations. So perhaps they can reach many people emotionally when logic and scientific reasoning don’t do the job,” the organizer of the campaign, Hanspeter Etzold, told Reuters.

Etzold works with shepherds, companies, and animals to run team-building events in the northern German town of Schneverdingen.

“I have noticed how enthusiastically the sheep are received and that it simply reaches people deep inside, which is perhaps not possible rationally, with rational arguments,” he said.

The animals, which belong to shepherd Steffen Schmidt and his wife, followed pieces of bread spread on the ground to form the 100 metre long syringe shape as they were filmed by drone.

According to the German Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases, 71.3% of Germany’s population had received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine and 39.3% had received booster shots by Tuesday.

The Left is nuts, truly. That’s what it takes – cute sheep?

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