Germany Prepares for War with Russia as Early as February


Germany is preparing for a possible war with Russia. Sometimes, thinking it will happen is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Germany is preparing for a scenario in which Russia launches an “open attack” on NATO in the summer of 2025 after scoring major victories against Ukraine, Bild reported on Sunday.

This is the same report that leaked last September and was discussed in November and December. They really want people to know about this. The last time Germany had their own army, it didn’t work out well. They started two world wars. However, the paper does stress the need for deterrence.


A major armed conflict between NATO and Russia is imminent if a secret document from the German Armed Forces is to be believed, with Russia invading NATO’s Baltic states as early as July.

The German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) are preparing for a potential hybrid attack by Russia on NATO’s eastern flank this February, reported Bild.

A Bild source said that an escalation between NATO and Russia is expected as early as February, referencing the secret Bundeswehr document.

German tabloid Bild has leaked the details of what the German Defense Ministry claims to be a secret memo outlining a possible “path to conflict” between Russia and NATO. The memo outlines Russia’s actions and the West’s response month by month, with Russia expected to launch hybrid assaults on European countries in the summer of 2024 and to start a full-scale war in the summer of 2025.

The memo envisions that Russia could use clashes in the Baltic states as a pretext to deploy troops and medium-range missile systems to Kaliningrad and could invade NATO countries during the US presidential elections.


The secret German defense ministry paper reportedly seen by the outlet provides a month-by-month outline of a possible “path to the conflict” between the West and Russia. The scenario begins a new mobilization in February 2024, with Russia calling up 200,000 troops. Moscow has insisted it does not need to pursue such a measure, citing an abundance of volunteers.

According to the scenario outlined in the document, Moscow then launched a powerful spring offensive against Ukraine, resulting in Kyiv suffering from inadequate Western support, yielding ground.

The report then describes Russia launching an “initially covert and later increasingly open attack” on the Baltic states in July, waging cyberwarfare and inciting riots among the local Russian-speaking population.

Bucharest, Romania – December 01, 2019: German soldiers take part at the Romanian National Day military parade.
Then the unexpected could happen

The crisis precipitates a Russian military build-up in western Russia, Belarus, and Kaliningrad. At the same time, Moscow positions itself to seize the Suwalki Gap, according to the paper. It is a narrow strip of land in northeast Poland between Belarus and Kaliningrad. It will result in “riots with numerous deaths,” with Russia accusing NATO of preparing to attack the country.

Poland and the Baltic states report an “increasing threat from Russia” to a NATO Council meeting in January 2025. Moscow, however, uses the development as a pretext to move additional troops to the border areas in March 2025.

Amid the rising tensions depicted, Germany contributed 30,000 troops to the alliance’s build-up efforts. According to the strategic forecast, NATO will decide on “measures for credible deterrence” in May 2025. The scenario ends at this point, with Bild noting that it is an “open question” whether Russia chooses to stand down under these circumstances.

The German Defense Ministry’s Alliance Defense 2025 plan is allegedly set in place in February 2024, as Germany considers it possible that Russia might launch a new offensive in Ukraine in the spring.

[It is important to note that this is a “scenario” and what Germany “envisions.”]
Kremlin Spokesperson Maria Zakharova:

“I read Germany’s ‘secret plan’ that was leaked to Bild, an information gutter. It’s like a mighty horoscope from last year for Pisces in Cancer. I suppose that the analysis was undertaken by the German Foreign Ministry headed by [Annalena] Baerbock.”

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied any plans to attack NATO, arguing that Moscow has “no geopolitical, economic… or military interest” in waging war against the bloc.

However, Germany notes that Russian officials denied Russia was preparing to invade Ukraine ahead of the full-scale invasion. For the past two years, Russia has referred to its war against Ukraine as a “special military operation.”


The German Defense Minister warned in mid-December of escalating Russian threats by the decade’s end, urging European countries to fortify their defense industries and adapt to geopolitical shifts.

[They’re destroying their energy sector and letting unvetted foreigners into the country. They should start there.]

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius issued a stark warning that Europe could face heightened threats from Russia by the end of the decade in a recent interview published in German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag.

Pistorius emphasized the urgent need for European Union countries to bolster their defense industries in preparation for potential challenges, especially in light of the possibility of reduced U.S. engagement on the continent.

Pistorius highlighted the seriousness of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats, stating, “[Putin’s] threats against the Baltic states, Georgia, and Moldova must be taken very seriously. This is not just saber-rattling. We could be facing dangers by the end of this decade.”

The only major political party that opposes the re-militarization of Germany is the socialist Die Linke (Left Party).


The Left Party in Germany is the country’s only major political camp to reject the Bundeswehr’s additional funding. It calls the special fund a “cornerstone for permanent militarization” in Germany.

“The purchase of nuclear bombers like the F-35, new tank systems, and armed drones is sending the stock prices and profits of the major arms makers soaring,” says Sevim Dagdalen, spokeswoman for international politics of the Left Party’s parliamentary group.

Meanwhile, Sevim says, poverty is on the rise in Germany.

They’re arming up.

According to DW, €41 billion of this special fund will go to the Bundeswehr’s air force, which plans to buy CH-47F Chinook helicopters from the US corporation Boeing and F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin, as well as the Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft from pan-European company Airbus.

Germany has already ordered Heron TP armed drones from Israel.

The Bundeswehr’s navy will receive €19 billion to modernize its forces with U12 submarines and other combat boats.

The Bundeswehr’s ground forces were designated €17 billion to buy armored personnel carriers and more combat vehicles, including potential tanks.

[It’s ironic how they won’t pay their fair share to NATO but have money for this.]

The leaked confidential strategy paper first appeared in September and shows Germany is preparing for a potential war with Russia. As a result, Germany is boosting its budget. They plan to become the world’s third-biggest military spender.

Last November, the German military announced they were preparing for a potential war with Russia, a leaked internal report revealed in September.

The German military, the Bundeswehr, released the secret 68-page document internally in September.

The Bundeswehr chief, Inspector General Eberhard Zorn, warned that Germany could be attacked. He proposed plans for a future armed conflict with Russia.

Der Spiegel noted that the strategy paper stresses the need for “deterrence.

The document reaffirms the Bundeswehr’s commitment to US-led NATO. But also makes it clear that Berlin is beginning to consider its own strategic autonomy independent of Washington.

Der Spiegel summarized the document as an outline for a “mega-reform” of the armed forces.

This is rehashed bad news.


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John Acord
John Acord
1 month ago

This “leak” is nothing more than a wish list of the woke, commie Leftists who are about to be turned out of power by a populist movements acrosss Europe who do not want war with Russia and want to restore relations with Russia and access to the cheap energy and resources they need to power their economies. The Ukraine war has not only detroyed Ukraine but it has undermined the prosperity of Western Europe. The Left in Europe and hte US see war as the only means by which they can retain power. 

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

This is so silly, it is Intel created propaganda. The purpose is unknown, but no doubt it involves Western aggression plans. If there is a war there, I can guarantee we started it.

Notice the similarity between disease predictions and this. They make wild predictions, with no basis, as preparations for actions they are planning. They pinpoint the month! Whether it is war or a disease panic, these things are centrally controlled.

It appears that the West is considering a northern front against Russia, this allows them to pile troops in the Baltic states as preparation of instigating more conflicts.

Russia has never tried to take Ukraine, and the written plans match their efforts. This stuff is 100% western propaganda, from the people who violated multiple neutrality agreements.

1 month ago

Maybe Germany can send their troops here to protect our southern border since we won’t do it. New Jersey just sent their National Guard members to the middle east to protect who knows what. I mentioned that on a local New Jersey Facebook page and I only got 1 thumbs up while the rest of the knuckleheads just gave praying hands and thoughts and prayers. Do “thoughts and prayers” really work on the internet?

1 month ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Our military leadership has been taken out of commission, by a broken a heel on one their high heel shoes.