Germany’s Intelligence Chief Warns of 24,400 Islamists in the Country


Salafists in Germany

Germany must prepare for more attacks by radicalized Muslims according to an intelligence chief who says the country is home to 24,400 Islamists.

Germany’s BfV domestic intelligence agency release an annual report on terror. Hundreds of jihadists had entered the country in two years. Law enforcement were already watching about 680 potential terrorists.

There was warning enough. There were five Islamist attacks in 2016 alone.

The intelligence report noted that there are 24,400 Islamists in Germany including about 9,700 Salafists. Some 10,000 of that number are Turkish Islamist Miliu Gorus.

The jihadists coming in with the migrants are more violent and terror-prone than previous entrants.

Italy is also taking in migrants but can offer them nothing

Meanwhile, in Italy, 85,000 people applied for thirty jobs at a bank. The Bank of Italy advertised for 30 deputy assistant roles and about 3,000 people applied for each post. A list of 8,000 were academics with respected degrees.

Currently 40 percent of youth in Italy are unemployed.

Why are they taking all these people into the country? It would be better to send aid and blockade the ports.

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