NY Times Laments the Plight of Central Americans “Scared” to Come to the U.S. Illegally


The liberal media is angry with Trump and you’ll never guess why. He’s rolled up the welcome mat for every person who wants to come here illegally.

A Sunday New York Times article titled, Central Americans, ‘Scared of What’s Happening’ in U.S., Stay Put, bemoans the sorry state of affairs when they can’t come to the U.S. illegally. Central Americans apparently don’t know what’s happening to the United States.

People planning to come to the U.S. illegally are getting calls from the States to stay home because it’s no longer a place for illegal aliens.

The article relates a story about a father and his young, seemingly forlorn daughter, who were “shaken” because they couldn’t travel at this time from Honduras to the U.S. with human traffickers.

There’s violence and poverty in Honduras and welfare in the U.S. The article doesn’t mention the welfare.

The $12,000 his sister gave the father for cartel smuggler fees was lost.

“I got scared of what’s happening there,” the potential illegal migrant Mr. Fuentes said.

The NY Times complained that the border will be tightened, people are going to be deported and there will be a massive wall on the border. To the left, those are all terrible things.

The number of illegal crossings has dropped by 60 percent from the same time last year, according to United States Customs and Border Protection. It’s apparently because of the fear they might be caught and sent back.

The left wants borders erased as part of their quest to ruin the country. The media wants you to believe that protecting U.S. borders is heartless.

More than 11 million people are living in the U.S. with more than half on welfare. It’s enough, especially since our cities are filling up with illegal alien gangs as a result.

Obama’s legacy is to make open borders into an American value, a humanitarian effort. Hillary too said at one point that we could take another 300 million into the country.

The finances would be rather difficult, but the left never did worry about where the money would come from.

Goodbye America!

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