Giant Space Umbrellas or Hydrogen Bombs to Solve Warming


The climate extremists, ignoring the fact that the earth has gone through cooling and warming phases, want to build a giant umbrella the size of Argentina to block the sun quickly. If not, they could move the earth with hydrogen bombs.

This is not satire, and it has reached the highest levels.

Space sunshades have support in high places, from the Royal Society to Nasa, to the European Union. It’s even roused the interest of the most respected authority on global warming, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Crazy chemist doing experiment chemical laboratory

The greatest challenge is getting it into space. That suggests they also wouldn’t know how to get it out of space if it is as destructive as it probably would be.

Astronomer Roger Angel believes he has the answer: 16 trillion flying space robots. Each would weigh about a gram – the same as a large butterfly – and deflect sunlight with a transparent film pierced with tiny holes, reports BBC

Sounds kooky.

Another idea is to send it out with an electromagnet cannon.

Kookier still, especially since they admit the technology doesn’t exist.

They also don’t have a clue what the umbrella would do!

How quickly would the Earth cool down, and by how much? Would it shade the planet evenly? After all, just a few degrees more cooling than expected could be catastrophic. 

What if it gets damaged, flies away, or crashes?

Umbrella in the sky

First conceived by engineer James Early in 1989, the original design was a vast, 2,000 km-wide glass shield – a structure so heavy, it would need to be constructed on the Moon. More recent suggestions include clouds of Moon dust, 55,000 wire-mesh mirrors, or a planet-girdling ring of tiny umbrellas. And just when you thought they couldn’t get more ambitious, how about moving the Earth further away from the sun, with an explosion equivalent to five thousand million million hydrogen bombs?

what could possibly go wrong?

The New York Times says it was fringe but is now going mainstream.

The idea has been at the outer fringes of conversations about climate solutions for years. But as the climate crisis worsens, interest in sun shields has been gaining momentum, with more researchers offering up variations. There’s even a foundation dedicated to promoting solar shields.

In our new Western world, anything goes except normalcy.

Emphasis mine.

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