Gillibrand Thinks Trump’s a Racist for Holding the Views She Held in 2008


Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has morphed into a far-far-left politician from a once-allegedly-moderate Democrat who liked guns. She had a rifle under her bed, but after one meeting with Chuck Schumer, she became anti-gun.

All her positions have changed as New York moved into the Socialist category with California. One of those positions of change was over immigration.

During an interview on ABC’s “This Week”, she addressed her dramatic change of heart. She now would tell voters to “look at my heart” to explain her previous positions.

“I would tell voters, ‘look at my heart, see who I am.’ I believe I have the courage and the compassion and fearless determination to do what’s right,” she said.

Oh, brother.


When she was in the House, she was opposed to amnesty, called border security “a national security priority”, and voted to increase funding for ICE.

Now she wants amnesty for everyone here illegally, thinks there’s no crisis at the border, and she wants to abolish ICE.

“Ten years ago, when I became a senator, my job was to represent 20 million people — 20 million people in other places around the state that might have had different concerns and worries and fears than my upstate New York, rural district. And so I listened to them. I met with leaders across my state,” Gillibrand said Sunday.

But when it comes to Trump, he’s a racist for holding the same views she had in 2008.

“What he’s done is he’s confused America,” she said. “He’s tried to create fear and division. He’s tried to say immigration is about terrorism. Immigration is not about terrorism.”


She explained Jake Tapper on CNN how President Trump is a racist for holding the views she held in 2008. Gillibrand must have been a racist then.

Watch her lie, and know that sadly, people will fall for it.



  1. Ah, another politician who is not up to speed on current technology. Such as videos and recordings from years ago showing them saying one thing whilst they now say something else.
    Idiots abound on the left, not to mention clowns, etc.

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