Girl Scouts have gone insane, remove congrats to Justice ACB


The Girl Scouts of America removed a social media post on its official Twitter and Facebook pages Wednesday evening, complimenting Amy Coney Barrett on her appointment to the Supreme Court.

The message is you young girls are only worthwhile if you are a progressive. Progressives are poisoning all our institutions.

How petty and cowardly can these organizations get? The radical left has taken over the Scouts and is ruining them as they ruin everything they touch.

The original post, shared by Milwaukee reporter political Jason Calvi, included the caption: “Congratulations Amy Coney Barrett on becoming the 5th woman appointed to the Supreme Court since its inception in 1789,” ending with an emoji of hands raised.

The post featured an image of Barrett along with her female colleagues.

Immediately, without hesitation, the Stalinists attacked, and the Girl Scouts caved to the mob.

You can read some of the comments on this link. Ayanna Pressley, one of the hard-left members of the Squad, was quite disturbed by it.

The sorority did the same thing. What cowards.
Robby Starbuck asked if they are going to delete the female leftists on the court.

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On Deck Circle
On Deck Circle
3 years ago

Ruination is a feature as they are out to ruin the nation. It is intentional to bring down morale or to see how far they can push before there is any pushback.
The Boy Scouts are basically out of business due to infiltration by pedo pervs and the lawsuits.
Would the Girl Scouts leave it up if ACB (LOVE!) was a lefty. (rhetorical)
GS Cookies? We don’t need any stinking cookies.
Sportsballers better wake up because the pay won’t be very well under leftist control.
The NBA lost $1.5 billion due to the SJW infiltration and das teevee said the Dodgers had won the world series which I had completely forgot about.
At one time it would have been jumping up and down but that was in the Kirk Gibson underdog Dodgers days.

3 years ago

The Marxists rule every institution in this country demanding obedience to their platform and way of thinking.