GiveSendGo Founder Calls Out Authoritarian GoFundMe & Big Tech


The founder and CFO of the platform, Jacob Wells, called out GoFundMe and Big Tech for their “authoritarian style of social platforms,” which he says promotes bias as fact and causes further division.

“Big Tech really has taken it upon themselves to be the arbiters of truth. And it’s a place that they were never intended to be, and it’s caused more damage than good,” Wells told Fox News Digital in a phone interview Monday. “We are now stepping into that place because there is a natural pushback from many people because America was founded on these ideas of freedom.”

“This is like the tip of the spear and what is coming in a tsunami of technology that is pushing back against this authoritarian style of social platforms where it’s like these people just think that they get to control the narrative,” he said. “It’s mind-blowing to me that they actually think that is the way that it ought to be because in my perspective, it only breeds more distrust and more vitriol, more divide.”

GiveSendGo, which launched in 2014, permitted donations for Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense. The fundraiser allowed him to post $2 million bail after GoFundMe had blocked donations. GoFundMe lifted its ban on fundraisers for Rittenhouse following the teenager’s acquittal in November.

“Freedom Convoy 2022” is the platform’s largest fundraiser to date, Wells said.

So far, as of 6:10 pm EST, GiveSendGo collected more than 6.7 million dollars for the truckers.

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