Lake’s Powerful Case: 170K Signatures OK’d in 0 to 2.99 Seconds


Former gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is in court again today for the third straight day to present her case on the signature verification process used in the 2022 election. It possibly handed the election to Katie Hobbs illegally.

There was almost no signature verification process in Arizona in 2022. For example, 170K signatures were approved in 0 to 2.99 seconds.

Gov. Hobbs’ courageous opponent Mrs. Lake is fighting to see this never happens again. Lake’s lawyer’s testimony yesterday on Day 2 was powerful.


“As our expert will testify, this isn’t a question of not getting it right. It’s simply they are not physically capable of reviewing the signature, both from the standpoint of being able to do an assessment with respect to the procedures, but also with respect to the functionality of the computer when the images you have to scroll down to check the record signature, you don’t see the scrolling down function.

“What that log data shows, your honor, is that over 274,000 ballots were approved at less than three seconds each. That includes one signature verifier who approved 100% of the 26,900 signatures that he verified at less than three seconds a signature.

“Maricopa ‘s log file data shows that eleven of these signature verification workers approved 170,000 signatures at a rate of less than between 0 and 2.99 seconds with a 99.97% approval rating.

“That’s not signature review, your honor. Simply flashing a signature on the screen, clicking a button, and moving on is not signature review.

“As I said, the evidence will show that Maricopa knew exactly what was going on. They could monitor each of their workers and in fact told them that they were being monitored.”

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