Globalists Order Slaughter of 200K Irish Cows, 65K Annually


It takes a lot to get the Irish to rise up, but the globalist, World Economic Forum (WEF)-friendly government’s decision to kill 200,000 healthy cows for the climate hoax agenda has done it.

We say it’s a hoax because these people who can’t accurately predict the weather this week claim they know what will happen 100 years from now.


Farmers threaten to move the production of beef and dairy products outside the country’s borders if the executive branch adopts this measure.

They call it culling the herd, but it’s an unnecessary slaughter to reduce “carbon emissions” according to the extreme WEF-Paris Accord requirements.

For years, they told us that we faced global starvation, and now they are needlessly closing farms and killing farm animals throughout the West with a plan to do it in the States and Canada.

A report by the Irish Department of Agriculture outlined how 200,000 cows could be killed over the next three years to meet carbon targets.

The plan would reportedly cost about 600 million euros to taxpayers, with the document indicating that 5,000 euros per cow would be offered as compensation.

The compensation is a trick. Once they lure people in, there will be no compensation. It is also attractive for farmers interested in retiring.

The country’s Environmental Protection Agency said that the agriculture industry was creating nearly 40 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions there, and much of it stems from the methane in livestock and the use of nitrogen fertilizer.

The plan calls for the killing of 65,000 cows per year.

This would result in the removal of some 65,000 cattle annually over the next three years. This is radically opposed by farmers, who have announced demonstrations and warned that many of them would go out of business if they were forced to make the cuts or would transfer beef and dairy production outside the country’s borders. The initiative would also cost the national coffers some £170 million (almost US$211 million) annually. The proposal has been described by opposition politicians as “absolute madness,” according to The Telegraph.

Farmers already cut livestock from 19% to 25%. Farmers call it a “dairy reduction scheme.”

Indeed it is.

Herd Of Cattle On Pasture In Ireland

Elon Musk and Others Respond

The Irish Farmers’ Association president, Tim Cullinan, said that the plan would only increase farmers’ mistrust of the government and not have the intended environmental aims.

He said: “Reducing dairy or beef production in Ireland will also lead to ‘carbon leakage’ with production moving to other countries with a higher carbon footprint.

“This is likely to increase global warming rather than reducing it.”

Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association President Pat McCormack believes that the focus should be on other sectors for helping the environment.

He said: “We’re the one industry with a significant roadmap, and, to be quite honest with you, our herd isn’t any larger than it was 25 to 30 years ago.

“Can the same be said for the transport industry? Can the same be said for the aviation industry?”

He also said culling must be voluntary.


Elon Musk weighed in over the weekend in response to a tweet by the author Ashley St. Clair.

“This really needs to stop. Killing some cows doesn’t matter for climate change,” Musk tweeted Saturday.

St. Clair had tweeted an editorial published by Cowboy State Daily titled, “Ireland Looking To Kill 200,000 Cows To Fight Climate Change; Are US Herds Next?”

Of course, the USA is going to be hit. John Kerry, climate csar, said as much.

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