US Energy Dept. Gave Revolutionary Battery Tech to Maoist China


Wikimedia Commons, a vanadium redox flow battery lab

According to a new report, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) gave China the rights to a green battery capable of powering an entire house for decades, which cost millions of tax dollars to develop.

An employee looks at a vanadium flow battery in Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s vanadium redox Battery Reliability Laboratory in 2021.
Andrea Starr/Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Designed at a U.S. government lab near Seattle, the vanadium redox flow battery was manufactured by a company in Washington state called UniEnergy Technologies until last year, when a DOE license transfer effectively sealed its fate to a Chinese company.

The revelation comes from NPR, which investigated the matter in partnership with the Northwest News Network. They found that the DOE violated its own licensing policies.

“This is technology made from taxpayer dollars,” Joanne Skievaski, the chief financial officer of Forever Energy, one of several U.S. companies trying to obtain the license, told NPR. “It was invented in a national lab. [Now] it’s deployed in China and held in China. To say it’s frustrating is an understatement.”

Now, China has forged ahead, investing millions into the cutting-edge green technology that was supposed to help keep the U.S. and its economy out front.

The idea for this vanadium redox battery began in the basement of a government lab — the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

It took the scientists six years and more than 15 million taxpayer dollars to uncover what they believed was the perfect vanadium battery recipe. Others had made similar batteries with vanadium, but this mix was twice as powerful and did not appear to degrade the way cellphone or car batteries do. The researchers found the batteries capable of charging and recharging for as long as 30 years.

The Government Accountability Office and their regulations found US company UniEnergy didn’t comply, but China was fine. Government agencies and regulations stand in the way of success. They’re traitorous.

Research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance in 2020 shows that Chinese companies run 80% of global battery raw material processing.

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