Bad News on Excess Deaths for the 2 Minute Newsbreak


Eurostat shows a rise in excess deaths. Excess mortality rose 19% over November. Germany rose 37.5%. The media and the public health community still won’t look at the vaccines as a potential cause for this very gnarly news.

Between March 2020 and December 2022, the EU recorded four distinct waves of excess mortality, with peaks in April 2020 (25.2 %), November 2020 (40.0 %, the highest), April 2021 (20.9 %), and November 2021 (26.5 %).

This is worse than during COVID. COVID didn’t cause it. Should we look at the vaccines? Someone? Anyone?

Gnarly news the media doesn’t want to hear.

Some are COVID deaths, but the numbers aren’t as high as during the pandemic. COVID isn’t the cause.

The media will not look at the vaccines as a possible cause. They will consider anything but. It’s too gnarly for them

Mortality in Europe December 2022

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Stop Medical Tyranny
Stop Medical Tyranny
9 months ago

Doctor’s tried to warn us, but were silenced and censored at the early onset of the poison jabs.
They stated that within 2 years of administering the shots, people would incur adverse reactions or death. The numbers are off the charts. Florida is reporting an increase of 1700% adverse reactions from the shots. Medical personnel in Florida are coming right out and questioning their patients who are affected by unexplained illnesses. They’re asking if you were vaxxed and boosted. Hospitals are baffled by some symptoms. It’s difficult to determine what’s wrong with their patients.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 months ago

That is a fine point, that covid did not cause the excess deaths. The poison jab is more dangerous than the virus. It is well known among the honest experts. The data shows it.

The self-proclaimed geniuses, that is, the crooks such as Fauci, need to explain the excess death data. We have no more to explain, they are the ones who need to give answers.