GoFundMe campaign for criminal who vandalized Chauvin witnesses’ home


Three suspects were arrested in connection with the early morning vandalism of the former Santa Rosa home of Barry Brodd, who testified as a defense witness in the Derek Chauvin murder trial. They smeared the residence with animal blood and had a severed pig’s head dumped on the front porch.

Santa Rosa police said 20-year-old Rowan Dalbey, 34-year-old Kristen Aumoithe, and 35-year-old Amber Lucas, all of Santa Rosa, were being held on felony vandalism and conspiracy charges.

The victim called police after they were awakened by a group of suspects — all dressed in black — who threw a pig’s head on their front porch and splattered blood on the front of their house and then fled.

The three also were charged with smearing blood and leaving a picture of a pig reading “Oink Oink” on a large hand statue in front of the Santa Rosa Plaza.

It cost the family thousands of dollars to clean up the mess.

That’s is very upsetting and frightening for this innocent family.


Unfortunately, people on the Left only seem to care about the criminals. So, what are the leftists doing? Why, they have a gofundme for one of the criminals, not the victims, the criminal.

GoFundMe has taken down campaigns for people on the right, especially police officers, but not criminals.

Andy Ngô on Twitter: “The @gofundme for the three suspects arrested & charged over the bloody felony vandalism of a family’s home for the purposes of witness intimidation appears to violate the site’s policy. Can GoFundMe clarify if suspects charged w/such serious crimes can raise cash on your site?…”

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