Gone, Nikki, Gone from Vice Presidential Consideration


Haley’s out of the running, and likely never was in the running. Speaking at a rally in Concord, New Hampshire, President Donald Trump said Nikki Haley “is not presidential timber” and “puts America last.”

“Nikki is somebody that puts America last, I used to watch her when we were dealing with different countries like Russia or China and she was sitting there like what the hell?

“I put her in the room. Look, one of the reasons I did is because I happen to love the Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina – great. I said by moving her someplace, Henry McMaster becomes governor of South Carolina and, by the way, he’s been a fantastic governor…

“I did it because he’s good and he’s been very popular but put her over there and like I said she was OK but she was not, she was not presidential timber. Now when I say that, that probably means that she’s not going to be chosen as the vice president…”

Don Jr. was happy.

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