Tucker on the Government’s J6 Bomber Hoax


Repost from January 18th with the full Tucker Carson video interview of Darren Beattie. We changed the headline.

Darren Beattie of Revolver News has investigated it and shared some information with Tucker Carlson. It’s behind a paywall, but the following is also on Revolver News.


A guy in a backpack comes into the frame at around 1:05. “He first approaches the Metro PD car. Talks to the driver’s side in the window for a while then moves to the other side of the window, and then eventually moves and chats with somebody in a black SUV, which is a Secret Service car chatting with Secret Service,” Beattie said.

He said, “In fact, we’ve learned through multiple sources that the Metro PD was part of that Secret Service detail. …But the guy finishes talking to the SUV and then leaves the frame. What the individual in the backpack is doing is alerting the Metro PD and the Secret Service of the fact that there is a pipe bomb just feet away that was planted by the park bench outside of the DNC.

“Now, for those watching this video, everyone has to watch it to follow along. The first thing that will strike you as remarkable is just how utterly unconcerned both the Metro PD and the Secret Service are about being informed that there was a pipe bomb, literally within feet of them and within feet of their protectee, who was VP-elect Kamala Harris.

“You’ll notice if you watch from approximately 1:07 to 1:09 in the timestamp. Utterly lackadaisical, utterly unconcerned. Takes them minutes to even get out of their vehicles, at which point they’re just kind of lingering around, uninterested. Unconcerned. And then this alone is enough to be a national scandal and blow up in this investigation with severity.


“And that is the Secret Service, the Metro PD, you’ll see this. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. They allow a group of children to cross the street. In the direction of the pipe bomb and allow the children to walk within feet of the park benches where the pipe bomb was planted. The Secret Service agent, as well, is walking right with the children within feet of this bomb. Then, about a minute later, a Capitol Police officer walks even closer to the bomb. Takes a picture of it, gives a thumbs-up sign, and leaves, after which point the Metro PD car and the Secret Service car leave, and then the video is over.

“Now, I know from very reputable sources who have seen the extended video that minutes after that, they have a bomb-safe robot come to dismantle and defuse this bomb. Now, people listening to this are probably asking themselves. First of all, why the unconcern from the Secret Service and the Metro PD? Unconcerned for themselves. Unconcerned for their protectee, Kamala Harris. Unconcerned for the children that they cavalierly allowed to walk within feet of this explosive device.

“And that concern, juxtaposed and contrasted with the fact that they needed a bomb-safe robot to diffuse this pipe bomb, this alleged pipe bomb. So those are the facts that are illustrated incontrovertibly in this video, and that, I think, as a self-contained analysis, are sufficient to be a national scandal. But as I said, it gets far worse when we contextualize this information in light of the history of our reporting on the pipe bombs, which I’m happy to get into. But I’d like to pause in case you have any reaction to this.”

He discussed other issues that raised concerns.



An article at The Washington Times reported that a former FBI agent, Kyle Seaphin, who worked on the case, said the bombs at the RNC and the DNC were inoperable.

According to Steve Baker, a reporter at The Blaze, a plainclothes undercover police officer found the DNC pipe bomb on January 6, 2021.

Also, the FBI allegedly had the suspect’s license plate and tracked his rail card to Northern Virginia, but no arrests were made.


Rep. Thomas Massie played a video in a hearing with Christopher Wray in June 2023, which showed someone with a backpack coming up to Metro Police and a Secret Service SUV, seemingly telling them about the J6 bomb.

The person found the pipe bomb at the exact moment it would have maximum impact.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 month ago

Like Ray Epps the pipe bomber was not arrested because he WORKS FOR THE FBI !

he may not be an agent or employed officially by them, but they paid him to do that, he is with them just like Ray Epps is.

A 6 year old kid can see it so freakin obvious it is !

There are mountains of evidence january 6 was a coup from Democrats-FBI-CIA against Trump supporters.

Have you seen the pink smoke signals released after some Jan6ers are ” finally” ( I say finally because Ray Epps had tried relentelessly since the day before to make them do that ) entering the Capitol and that is the PRECISE moment Ray Epps leaves with about 12 or 15 men following him like baby ducks follow their mother ?

by what possible coincidence in this entire universe would suddenly 12 or 15 men decide to leave at the exact same time walking right behind ” poor Ray Epps” ( sa Ddemocrat Raskin refered to him ) ???????????????

the whole thing was orchestrated by Democrats-FBI-CIA, it was the largest entrapment operation in the history of the USA and if Ray Epps had not been so DUMB we would not know as much as we do now.

The down side to this is that in the future the FBI will use people less dumb than Ray Epps and it will harder to find evidence the criminals are the people who are in charge of the law.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

My suspicious mind asks if they already knew about the ‘dud’ and the remote use was for window dressing. Once trust is lost, almost anything becomes imaginable.