Good and Bad Campaign News, Mostly Good – Updated


There is good and bad news for President Trump after his debate and after he contracted COVID-19.


President Trump sounds great here and he might return to the White House today:

Biden has little appeal. Tens showed up for Biden’s rally in New Hampshire:

Biden and Harris never attract numbers of any kind, and that was before COV.

On Saturday, post COV announcement, a new poll from John Zogby Strategies was taken, and it showed something great: former Vice President Joe Biden was leading President Trump by only two points, 49%-47%. Zogby’s July 8 poll found Biden leading Trump by seven points, 49% to 42%, while their August 29th poll found Biden leading by six points (48% to 42%).

The poll, which surveyed 1,006 “likely voters” across the nation, stated that Biden “is leading among Democrats 91%-8%, voters 18-29 years of age (60%-35%) and those 30-49 (50%-45%), as well as among women (56%-41%), Progressives (85%-15%), Liberals (85%-14%) and Moderates (58%-36%). He also leads among Hispanics … 61%-34% and Blacks (87%-11%).”

Trump, the poll wrote, “leads among fellow Republicans (94%-6%), voters 50-64 (53%-45%) and those over 65 (50%-47%). As of now, Mr. Trump is capturing a slight majority of Catholic voters (51%-46%), Evangelicals (68%-32%), Conservatives (78%-18%), and Very Conservative voters (92%-8%). He also is ahead among Whites (56%-40%) and parents of children under 17 living at home (54%-40%).”

Zogby said the President does not appear to have been hurt by his debate performance nor his hospitalization. His 47% performance is actually one point higher than his vote percentage in 2016. He has whites, parents, conservatives, men, and his own party’s voters.

Zogby got 2008 right but not 2016.


Erick Erickson, who was anti-Trump but is now voting for him although he doesn’t like him, said that internal Republican polling shows numbers consistent with polling for congressional Republicans as well as the President. That is, he’s down 8 points next to Biden who is feeble and hangs out in his basement. Trump beat Hillary Clinton but she beat him in the popular vote by as much as 2.1%. If 8% is correct, that will put the Electoral College out of reach.

Allegedly, the President is down with suburban women, the elderly, and white men in the north. Erickson said the information comes from campaign operatives in the GOP.

If President Trump loses, it will be over COV and the exaggerations and lies spread around his handling of it. The media ignores the fact that Biden had no intention of shutting down China or Europe and stuck with that into the summer.

If the rats start fleeing the ship next week, spreading blame publicly, backbiting, and shouting out policy complaints, you’ll know it’s true, Erickson said.

Despite more evidence showing the Trump-Russia collusion hoax was engineered by Hillary Clinton, the Democrats are back to tying Putin to Trump WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. They don’t need evidence. Democrats, now far left, will do and say anything to win. They want power — all the power — interminably.

Social media is in cahoots with the media. Today, Twitter is trending ‘Vote Republican’ and “Vote Biden,” but both are attacks on Republicans.

Then there’s this on a happier note:

Currently, President Trump’s poll numbers with Rasmussen are 46% approve and 53% disapprove.

He can bring those back up.

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