Good Morning! Gutfeld Joke to Start the Day


The View “ladies” led by Joy Behar have one role: spew lies and hate. They appear to have little knowledge. Why the network wants this, we can’t say, but leave it to Gutfeld to kill Behar’s argument in this clip. Behar had taken a clip by De Santis out of context and then claimed Hurricane Ian was caused by climate change WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

Gutfeld made a joke out of it.

We need divine intervention to save us from Democrat leadership.

As a special bonus, we give you Vice President Giggles and her esoteric belief in Venn Diagrams and their inherent humor.

But rest assured, we have President Biden to clear things up.

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1 year ago

Joy Behar is the Poster Child for why Woman shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Women will believe any Government Propaganda!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

If this comment is meant seriously (and I believe it is) “We need divine intervention to save us from Democrat leadership” then I am in whole hearted agreement.
Just remember Jesus said to his disciples he was preparing to go out and do the work … “pray that the Lord of the harvest will send out workers into his harvest.”
Prayer does not mean we sit around and do nothing waiting for the miracle. It means that as we work to remove evil elected officials, we ask for God’s help and for more and more to join us in working for a Godly result.
I hope you are not just praying but working for that which are are praying God to help us do.
If you pray, make sure you are living in a Godly way.