Good News/Bad News: IRS Faces Financial Collapse! They Want Your $$$


The Wall Street Journal reported today that the IRS has asked for 104 billion in their budget. The journal suggested rejecting it and demanding an audit instead.

Commissioner Danny Werfel appeared before the House Appropriations Committee and dramatically warned that the IRS faces financial collapse with limited resources, which will be used up before the funding expires. It’s doubtful many Americans will be rooting for them. They are the most feared and dislike of agencies.

The IRS has a brilliant solution. Instead of telling anyone or explaining themselves where the money went, they fully granted his team another massive funding boost. The extended bonus brings supplementary funding to 104,000,000,000 over ten years that they can use to torment Americans.

Werfel hinted that mass layoffs could result if Congress doesn’t pay up. Great! Do it! Who in America wouldn’t want to see some of these people laid off? Let’s all keep in mind that Elon Musk was able to fire about 90% of his staff without affecting the quality of the work. Something tells me that the same thing goes for these executive agencies.

Werfel made no effort to say where the money went. They received a great deal of money in the Inflation Reduction Act which was supposed to go to a strategic overhaul, but most of that plan has not been carried out.

The budget reflects pandemic money and never returned to the pre-pandemic budget.

The agency was supposed to improve taxpayer services and the Direct File for submitting returns, but it hasn’t. Can you say mismanagement?

The IRS is, in par,t a money laundering scheme for politicians.

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