Nikki Haley Will Vote for Donald Trump


Nikki Haley will vote for Donald Trump and hopes he will reach out to the people who support her. A lot of them were just using her to hurt Trump, but there are some he should try to reach. He needs every vote.

She made the obvious comparison to Joe Biden, and he makes Trump look better and better.

Does anyone care?

Ann Coulter might be warming up to the idea of supporting Trump after wishing him dead. She wrote an article on her substack calling for Trump to pick JD Vance as his VP. She thought they would complement each other. Although she did it with the most extreme comparison possible.

Here’s an excerpt:

Vance is smart, Trump is not. Vance is not exciting. Trump is too exciting. Trump is from Florida. Vance is not.

There is no chance of his overshadowing Trump. Only 200 people in the entire country will care that Vance is smart. Everyone else seems to want Trump’s razzamatazz. The ex-president can keep being Rodney Dangerfield, and Vance will be the accountant.

That’s the most positive I’ve seen her, and she didn’t once wish Trump was dead. Way to go, Ann.

She seems to like Marco Rubio since he’s become anti-illegal immigrants, but the 12th Amendment does not allow the president and vice president to come from the same state.

I’ll say what I’ve been saying all along – Democrats will switch Biden out for some more popular candidates. I see Michelle Obama as VP.


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